Maximilian Bolduan


The viewer is the storyteller


The basic idea behind the artworks is very simple. The images feel a story, but you get to decide the details and where the narrative is heading.


Narrative —

Much like Rorschach test this is a collection of graphics that lure viewer to see something. There isn't always a clear answer especially when it comes to certain tests. It is the imagination and mental state of the viewer what defines answers. 


However, the images in the order they are shown tell a story. It is not a random ink drop or a asymmetrical shape. There is a reasoning behind each and every detail and the order in which they are presented. I want the viewer imagining the narrative THEY think will fit the drawings.


Example —

There is a little game called Chinese Whispers and it basically works like this:  You decide on a sentence and whisper it into the ear of the person to your right, the next person does the same to another. A couple people in the sentence won’t be same at all. Due to all the people in-between, which misunderstanding words  (because of the actual whispering) the sentence changes frequently. Out of: “I think this is a fun little experiment” might become “I am the fuzzy president” (not likely, but it could happen). 



Bottomline —

The point it is, everyone might view the story from another angle and with no clear answer given everything is open for interpretation. That is exactly what I want. To create a story that takes a abstract shape, is hard to perfectly make out and that acts like a storyboard. Whatever you see or do not is your story and experience. Yours might not differ far from mine or does the complete opposite.