Maximilian Bolduan


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Maximilian Bolduan

I am a 26 year old German creative. My bachelor's degree I earned with the intention to pursue a career in design. I chose to improve my real-world experience, working in a freelance role to harness my skills with new jobs, projects and getting out of my comfort zone. Moreover, I am passionate about design and I am always trying to deliver outstanding results. My approach is fueled by a unique artistic viewpoint, creative concepts and out of the box thinking.


Contact Information

As mentioned above, this is the easiest way to get in touch with me. If you have checked out some (maybe all) projects on the site I can assure you that there is still plenty more to see.  To the right are several social media links that include more projects of mine that were over time replaced with new projects here on the site or specifically created for social media. Feel free to check those out as well, and as the name suggests, send me a mail if you want to collaborate, send a proposal, cool ideas or just want to ask some questions.