Maximilian Bolduan


New content makes the world go round.


I see this as a semi blog page. There are several pages on my website that keep expanding with new art added every so often. The idea is to have theme pages and fill them with more contemporary content (in this case illustrations) as time goes on. I really like the idea of looking back at where my head was at in the beginning of last year or even before. I hope you enjoy this "little" collection.


Neon Noir. 

This project is bridging the realm between my last two illustrative series with a nice additional cyberpunk flair. I loved working on this series due to its neon noir nature and the imagery that comes along with it. It is not a secret that I am HUGE fan of Blade Runner and Ghost in the shell. And I really tried to give subtle hints/homages to them throughout the series.

The bottom line is that I threw lot of contemporary imagery into a neon realm and added a supernatural twist to each piece.


The newest additions to the collection are mostly character driven portraits. There is not really a theme or challenge attached. In between freelance work and bigger personal projects this is a good way to flex some creative muscles and let off some steam. I hope you enjoy the new additions and in the near future there is something bigger and more ambitions that awaits publication. 



The curious case of Jackson Pollock's bedroom. At the core it is a semi weird illustrative series. “What if you combine the minimalistic approach of a Mondrian (deStyle) painting, the intensity of a Jackson Pollock (Action Art) painting. with the joke about him from Guardians of the Galaxy”. Yes, this was the baseline for this concept. The combination and structure of each was a bit more difficult though. The joke was the foundation of and behind every drawing itself. A kinky situation that is getting more and more visual with each illustration. Let it be known that it was actually a really fun task.


30 Days of Illustration

In early 2017 I challenged myself by putting out a completely new illustration  for the entirety of April. That was not only a major time sink, but also an extremely stressful process to make all the deadlines. Looking back at it I am quite proud of the results and I think I will try to do the same for 2018. The theme for the pieces was "that would look really cool". I still have a notebook filled with more then 40 additional drawing ideas. It was just a very pleasant process waking up and trying to figure out what I really want to draw that day.