Maximilian Bolduan


I really love idea that astral projections fade away like a waterfall, not to mention the unnatural pink glossy surroundings.


Narrative —

Constellation equals composition. The stars at one time in the sky until the earth does another cycle. In my head I depicted this as a long exposure image of the sky (glitch).


Visual Translation —

If you look at long exposure images in a national park of the skyline, it looks like rings, a waterfall, or the light speed effect of Star Wars. My goal was to create something equal to that, but truly unique.


Solutions —

The solution to my design problem was something called pixel sorting. Essentially breaking an image and creating something completely new out of the broken pieces.


Bottomline —

I did the photoshoot, then fixed the images in post and broke them again and again until I felt I delivered on the overall narrative that I had in my head.