Maximilian Bolduan

a night without cars

A night without cars is the spiritual successor to Neon Demon. Both projects might follow the same outline with Blade Runner being the main inspiration, but there are a lot of distinctive features. 


the other end of the spectrum —

Where Neon Demon is red hot passion, a Night without Cars is slowly building more and more tension.



Both projects stand on their own two feet. You can appreciate each one without having to know the other. They do complement each other though. The most obvious distinction is the fact that you can actually see the whole picture in this project. While neon demon works a lot with dark space and shadows, a night without cars does the opposite. It gives you a good look at the actually poses and hints with a little red here and there to the inevitable transition to neon demon.

The calm before the storm, some might say. The neon theme, of course, has been adapted here as well, but flipped around as well. Instead of the overwhelming red and black you see more subtle coloring and smoother transitions. Aesthetically I like this project a bit more, but that's a personal preference.


the future is now  —

Throughout the images the subtle red offers a nice break from the icy blue tones. In my head they felt like the red cyberpunk billboard that is bouncing off the watery floor onto the model.