Maximilian Bolduan

Bilateral Core


Bilateral core is literally a core concept consisting of two elements. The number two is a recurring theme throughout the whole project. Two people having completely different views on one subject matter. The core of the concept deals with loneliness, collective awareness and co-existence. My main goal was to create a complex narrative by using as little design elements as possible. There are literally only two consistent elements in each of the frames (lines and shapes), every single color, line, shape that is being used is essential to the image and delivers an important story element. In short, it is a narrative written and shaped in a way that it can be viewed in stills and as individual four second animations.


Infinite Sadness

The frame is representing sheer loneliness. A mixture of limbo white and the cold blue in the background, echoing sounds of water falling in a place where there is no one. Just a single  tear falling with an echoing impact. From the moment on where the drop falls there is an echo, which is represented by the impact, and follows the lines that burst out of the dot. Not only a teardrop falling in the water, as the sound might suggest, but it also happens to be a radar that pics up any other dots in the surrounding. The radar, however, will get no response, for there is no one around. People use a hidden space or a happy place to seek comfort and clear their head. That might be useful in some cases, but you need to consider that being alone all the time will accomplish nothing.

Many in Numbers

If you can't accomplish your goals alone, the easiest solution is to find someone to help you. One line that is evolving and expanding over time, from being a solid color to be a part of a collective that is pulling in the same direction. The colors here are a light pink composition, resembling the phase in which you see the world through pink glasses, marking the beginning of each romance. A sign that you might've found your calling, but after time come the different views. With the person who was alone (dot) evolving into a line and even further "stretching" the character to fit more into the sea of others. The fitting also includes the color change and the assimilation into the background itself. The wave sounds come crushing in, each heavier than the last. You can never forget that there's an ocean (society) out there. 

Repeat After Me

A narrow hallway, in which each wall represents a person. Same height, same width and a collective gradient that extends down the hallway. From a recurring, shivering feeling of loneliness. Even while being in a collective (blue) you strive towards a bright healthiness, a natural and good light at the end of the tunnel (green). The hallway is a metaphor for a maze, a never ending obstacle that makes it seem like every turn or corner repeats itself forever (dots on wall). They are repeating themselves over and over with the same sounds echoing down the endless maze. The sounds of bursting bubbles are a continuity from the previous pink glasses phase. Endless repetitive behavior of the hallway, your little bubble might pop. Even in a group, your personal loneliness and restrictions for expression are looming.

Sea of Mediocrity

The marching sound is clearly an indicator for following the order without any thought. The perfect soldier or worker bee. There were hints beforehand that there is sea, but this is a clear visual expression of being in a system that benefits all and creates something incredible. A shame though, that all color is stripped away and all the people have to act accordingly without any chance of standing out in the crowd. In this case there are no shapes left, only lines. Nothing left to say, it is a sea of mediocrity.

State of Mind

The frames are like an hourglass going through the layers and revealing what is hidden underneath our engine. The gears are turning, but instead of being in perfect rhythm and orderly like the world outside our minds, in here confusion rages. That explains the high pitched sound underneath the animation. It hurts, so does the current state, even if it might not be obvious where the pain is coming from. People will easily adapt and mediocrity is not a bad thing for some people, but forcing it on all of us will go into the extreme. With our mind being the only place left where we can flee from the constant stress of being part of that world. The colors are any indication for trouble, from the bright red and the gloomy green that was a sight of hope in the previous graphic. The tables have turned; expression is inevitable.

System Shock

A nice soft gradient in the background. Wait, we already had that in the second frame and it did not represent anything good. In here the soft tones and the light mood are the complete opposite. No one announces a rebellion, it just happens. The grid needs to break. This is exactly what happens in the frame. The systems is shocked and torn apart. The glass of our minds is breaking and people are joining the ranks. Our state of mind was fed up and consequently the next step was to take action. 

What you Wanted

The grid is broken, anger has taken over the background, while the foreground is filled with dark objects that randomly swirl around without a goal or reason. It is pure chaos. All borders have been broken and no rules apply anymore. What we wanted, right? The once so simple and beautiful illusion from the first frame is only a broken stroke at this point and from all the destruction it cannot even contain its own structure. Breaking slowly but surely apart. With no rules, no cohesive environment is possible and in the end we are where we started. We can play the same scenario over again. If the sounds are any indication, we face complete and utter defeat. The sound of the people that were to build a collective. With the sirens in the background and the speakers ranting on in the hope of going back to the previous state. 

Both Sides

With a vibrant purple gradient symbolizing trust and ambition, the final frame is giving off a distinctively softer tone than the previous frames. Furthermore, the crisp red that acted like a dangerous red flag before is in harmony with the purple and stands for strength, passion and energy. "A happy ever after" comes to mind. It's partially true, but the initial question was "What would it take to create a collective of individuals that can freely express themselves?". Instead of people being mercilessly pushed into a shape, here the frame is open, but gives enough of an outline for society. With the "brush" aligning with the frame and responding accordingly to the movement, a cohesive environment is created. The brush characterizes the individuals. It's a symphony that takes a lot of people coexisting in harmony.