Maximilian Bolduan


“The essence of voyeurism is the observing. The voyeur does not normally interact directly with the subject of his/her interest, who is often unaware of being observed."



RAW expressionism/21st century voyeurism.

The dawn of the technological revolution has clearly left its mark on the human behavior. Task that used to take hours,†days or weeks have been modified to a point in which everything works instantly. Including one's self representation, which is online for all to see and observe. Obviously people do like to follow others and maybe get a glimpse of their personal life. Something that is considered Facebook stalking is just the tip of the iceberg. This hasn't always been the case, but over time this has become the norm. The need for constant reconnection and our addiction to attention have made it extremely easy to keep track of nearly everything, all the time, anywhere. Voyeurism is what keeps us glued to the screens we value so high and let us peek into intimate moments that should have never been shared. "Everyone needs to see my joy."

Well, the voyeurism is obviously a metaphor and should not be taken too seriously. The term itself has become obsolete since technology gave us the tools to stop pretending and live out any fantasy online. The path we started on is becoming more and more convoluted by the idea of giving out all the information for public access. The freedom of choice is clearly present, but we might need to consider that the we go too far and at least a few boundaries should be taken into consideration.

Story being told by unconcealed skin the RAW expression.


Collaboration —

Local artist Josef Lenz was eager to work with me after I pitched the outline of the concept to him. I took the liberty of crafting the poses for the shoot and did all the post until the images were in place, after which the first layer of paint could be added. During brainstorm sessions we planned out the hand drawn graphics.


Bottomline —

With a dozen alternative motives and eight final images, we finished the pre-production phase. Next up was the actual production/photoshoot and me combining all the pieces. The results speak for themselves.