30 Days of Shapes / by Maximilian Bolduan


a layout study


After last months 30 Days of Illustrations challenge, I was actually quite pleased with all the content I put out in a short amount of time. While it being extremely time consuming and stressful as well, the positives outweigh the negatives. 


So this month I was paying homage to Isabella Conticelleo's #ageoaday challenge. I really admire her work and her skill.  She is it amazing when it comes to designing a variation of different layouts and compositions. If nothing else you REALLY should check out her work. 


This felt like the perfect opportunity to really make incredible layouts. While designing layouts for the 30 days to really get a feel for the balance and weight of objects and the right composition. Bottom line, getting better at making layouts in general. When presented with the opportunity to design "anything" you like with a certain toolset it actually becomes harder then to just design a specific thing. I liked this Project for multiple reasons. The biggest one for sure was to a new layout everyday & try to find the right balance of tool and assets to create a unique (visual pleasing) piece of art.