Simplicity / by Maximilian Bolduan

Good Design Manifesto

A couple of weeks back I discovered the “Good Design Manifesto”. At first I was not quite aware of the fact what treasure I was reading at the time. With time passing I learned to love it, every step and the never ending circle of design was fascinating me. But just applying the rules the best way I translated them just was not good enough for me, I wanted to make it my own or give it a personal touch. 

  • #01 Good Design is Less
  • #02 Less Design is Bold
  • #03 Bold Design is Experimental
  • #04 Experimental is Fresh
  • #05 Fresh Design is Creative
  • #06 Creative Design is Smart
  • #07 Smart Design is Communicative
  • #08 Communicative Design is Simple
  • #09 Simple Design is Aesthetic
  • #10 Aesthetic Design is Good

That is exactly how I came up with the concept of applying the whole structure on a photo series as was planning. I used a model for the photography part and then in the post production I basically went crazy. I figured out a certain concept for each step with attention to detail and a personal ambition to make it look like every step is depending on the last and it turn into a full fledged circle in the end of the day. 

However, I got admit that with time I got a certain feeling for the design of this project and just by looking at the newer results I redid the old one and made them “better”  or rather intruded them to final cop orate design I was going for. In the end all of them looked like I wanted them to look and I got the strong impression of one whole thing. Not just additions but depending parts that just fit perfectly with the basic idea of the Design Manifesto. Even though they were all design with the thought of using a redline throughout the photography/ design every image is unique in its own way and the name is program. 

I really you will enjoy as much as i did making them, all my hard work and an effort did not went to waste and I am quite proud of the results. So take care and if there is anything I could help with just use one of the many ways of getting my attention (Twitter, Facebook,…)